Authentic Louisiana Creole Flavor. 100% Plant Based


Keep an eye out for our soon-to-be-released revamped menu featuring new dishes and old favorites, all showcasing our signature Louisiana Creole flavor-profile.

Freshly prepared food in combination with house mixed spices and love for what we do proves to be the recipe for a phenomenal dining experience, centered around the distinctive flavors of the south.

Though our menu is pretty extensive, we don’t resort to short cuts and reheating frozen food. All our food – right down to the Seitan Steaks and the “Calamari” – is prepared from scratch in our kitchen with patience, hard-work and love.

If you are confused or overwhelmed, just look for the customer favorites (💜) on the menu.

sizzlin' starters .

  • Light & Crispy Okra $9.50

    freshly fried okra served with our creamy house-made dipping sauce & fresh lemon wedges

  • Cheezy Creole Pop'ens 🌶️ 🌾 $9.50

    lightly sauteed jalapenos wrapped in our creole cheeze, battered and served with house-made creamy ranch

  • Chunky Artichoke Dip 🌾 $9.50

    baby spinach, artichoke hearts & house-made cheeze served w/ toasted sourdough

  • F.L.O.C (For Lovers of Calamari) 💜 $12.50

    hearts of palm battered and seasoned served with zesty lemon wedges and our creamy dipping sauce

  • Seasoned Fries $4.25

    load 'em up with creole cheeze ($1.85) jalapenos ($1) and/or sour cream ($1.80)

  • Dirty Cajun Fries 🌶️ 🥜 $10.00

    seasoned fries covered in house-made cheeze and "dirty" cajun sauce, house-made vegan parmesan and jalapenos

Entrées .

  • New Orleans Okra Gumbo 🌾 💜 $13.00

    okra stars in this Louisiana staple, flavored with garlic, corn, tomatoes, seaweed, a special mix of creole spices, and the Holy Trinity: celery, onions, and bell peppers. served with rice

  • Roasted Zucchini Etouffee 🥜 💜 $14.00

    traditional flavors come to life with a creamy coconut-based rue and a hint of heat in this New Orleans classic!

  • Spaghetti Cajun 🌾 $14.00

    olive oil glazed semolina pasta with a savory Cajun inspired coconut-cream sauce

  • Sizzlin' Skillet Mac & Cheeze 🌶️ 🌾 $11.00

    jalapenos spice up this creamy, rigatoni pesto mac & cheeze, served in a sizzlin' cast-iron skillet

  • Seitan Steaks with Gravy & Mash 🌾 $14.00

    house-made seitan "steaks", served with our savory gravy, sauteed onions, greens and creamy mashed potatoes

  • Creole Spaghetti 🌾 $14.00

    olive oil glazed semolina pasta served with house-made spaghetti sauce starring tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, black olives. topped with house-made falafel

  • Jazzn' Jambalaya 🌾 $14.00

    our rendition of this rice-based staple features house-made seitan and a distinctive mix of Creole spices

  • The Southern Staples Bowl 🌾 $13.00

    a hearty serving of grits, crispy tofu, topped with a generous pour of our house-made okra gumbo

  • Crispy Seitan & Waffles 🌾💜 $14.00

    house-made seitan chick'n and a golden Belgian waffle, served with warmed syrup and plant-based butter

Combination Plates & Sides .

Choose any 3 sides! Comes with your choice of cornbread or salad. Add up to two more items for $2.75 / item.(Cannot double up Southern Fried Tofu or Mac & Cheeze. You may add them to 3 item combo for $2.75/item.)

Prices listed separately for ordering a la carte.

  • Southern Fried Tofu 💜 $11.00
  • BBQ Tofu $5.00
  • Louisiana Black Eyed Peas $6.00
  • Creamy Mashed Potatoes $6.00
  • Buttered Cabbage $6.00
  • Braised Spinach $6.00
  • Cornbread $2.75
  • Country Collard Greens $6.00
  • Cinnamon Brown Sugar Yams $6.00
  • Black Olive Potato Salad $7.00
  • Red Boy Beans & Rice $6.00
  • Mac & Cheeze 🌾 $7.00
  • Sweet Potato Biscuit $2.75

Burgers & Sandwiches .

All Burgers come with a side of green salad and include vegan mayo, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions, unless otherwise stated. Add Vegan Cheese $1, Avocado $1.55, Sprouts $1. Add up to 2 sides for $2.75 per side.

  • Pray 4 Me 🌾💜 $14.00

    double decked house-made patties dressed with cheeze, coleslaw, onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup and our special pray-4-me sauce! served with crispy, seasoned fries

  • Louisiana Hot Link 🌾 $14.00

    house-made hot link dressed with our own garlic aioli, diced tomato, and dill coleslaw

  • Country Seitan or Ain't Gator Po'Boy 🌾 $14.00

    dressed with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mustard and our savory po-boy sauce. served with seasoned fries

  • OG Southern Fried Tofu 🌾 $9.50

    crispy crunchy tofu, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup and our creamy garlic aioli

  • Proud Mary 🌾💜 $11.00

    she's proudly stacked! Proud Mary (aka Toasty) features Smoky BBQ Tofu and Crispy Crunchy Tofu

  • The Melt Down 🌾 $13.00

    hearts of palm, zucchini, onions and our house mozzarella cheeze, served with creamy aioli on sliced sourdough

  • Black Bean and Quinoa 🌾 $10.25

    our house-made veggie burger with onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup and our garlic aioli served on a toasty bun

  • PB & J 🌾 🥜 $6.00

    what can we say? it's PB & J!


  • Monster Kale! $14

    this generously portioned salad features fresh kale, baby spinach, cucumbers, house-made falafel and vegan parmesan, dressed in our creamy dressing

  • Refreshingly Raw Collard Wraps 🥜 $10.25

    fresh cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, crispy red cabbage wrapped in a fresh collard leaf. served with our house-made peanut sauce.



"Hands down my favorite vegan restaurant in Oakland if not the whole Bay Area."

My favorite night to go to Souley Vegan is Thursday's. That's when they have live music and raffles. Souley Vegan is a whole experience! You have to try it for yourself!

Come Visit Us

  • 301 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607
  • info@souleyvegan.com
  • (510) 922-1615
  • Hours:
    Mon CLOSED
    Tues - Thurs 11AM - 10:30PM
    Friday - Saturday 11AM - 11:30PM
    Sunday 10AM - 3PM (brunch)
  • I’m so honored to have the opportunity to mentor This sweet, intelligent young lady.

This is a great partnership with @sprouts Market and @ousdnews (Oakland Unified School District) to help give new opportunities and healthy experiences to Bay Area youth and I couldn’t be more proud to be apart of it💙

I told Delylah that she should be very proud of herself that she had the courage to dismiss any fear of being in a place with people she didn’t know and opening herself up to new educational experiences As it’s the fear of the unknown that hold so many of us back .. Life is about ones development and it just warms me to know I’m apart of hers in some way.... As we approach the end of the mentorship we will be preparing her fav dish chicken Alfredo..I told her I’m going to show her how to elevate her flavors and our vegan version will be something that will amaze her family 😁😁 I want to say thank you Delylah for allowing us to be apart of your summer and I hope you learned some valuable life lessens along the way !!!! Cheers to you ! 
P.S this card touched my heart 💙 
#vegan #sproutsmarket #healthyliving #souleyvegan #bayareavegans #oaklandunifiedschooldistrict #youth #mentorship #oaklandraised #oakland #fromoakland
  • Made from scratch and proudly stacked 😍 Pray 4 Me Burger ..... How did it get the name ? 
Well I told my son Aquil  that I was going into the kitchen to create a new burger. 
I said “I don’t know how long Its going to take me, pray for me “ 
He replied .. That’s the name of the burger, “Pray 4 Me” I said cool ..and the Pray 4 Me was born ..🤙🏽 #stacked 
  • This private event was such a pleasure to cater this past Saturday. 
Of course the prize is that all the guests (non vegans) went crazy over our unique flavors. 
@shanique_drummond from @marriedtomedicinelosangeleswas such a beautiful and gracious hostess. 💙

Thank you to Marcello of @htevents for providing me with skilled service staff that helped to make this event seamless. 
Till next time ! 
@shanique_drummond @marriedtomedicinebravo @bravotv @gettyimages 
  • We will be closing at 9pm today ! But In the meantime...come and mess with this #homemade #louisianahotlinks #craft #forgetwhatyouheard #whatveganseat #cometomomma LIVE BAND + Bottomless 🥂 on deck ! 
  • “Just as time knew to move on since the beginning
And the seasons know exactly when to change”🎶🎶🎶🎶 When I tell you that this Gentleman gave the world some of the most beautiful music one could ever hear 💙💙💙Words cannot express the joy and appreciation I felt when meeting and talking with this Most Precious and beautiful song bird ..... With much respect and admiration, I give you ... Mr. Stevie Wonder

I thank my mother for teaching me the love of cooking and my father for teaching me the love for music two of the most powerful arts / talents one can give.....what a blessing to be able to uplift the spirit of so many💙

Was a true honor to feed you and your lovely team ...Till next time my friend.... #steviewonder 
#bayareavegans #vegansofig #vegansofsf #oakland #veganbiz #icon
  • I was told when I first broke into the food industry to change my menu often, “people won’t eat the same thing over and over again” ... Even though we’ve added to our menu significantly .. This dish was one of our first dishes sold at the farmers market in 2006...I have folks that still come and get this combo twice a week consistently since we opened our doors in 2009 😁😁 ...lol #classic #bbqtofu #greens #potatosalad #js 
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  • Look at my Girl ! So grateful to sponsor this amazing super star Laila for the summer Bike Camp @bayareabmxers such an amazing feeling to give to the very place from which you came..#oaklandcalifornia ...can’t wait to see what you do @bayareabmxers !

#supportourcommunity #bayareayouth #oakland 
  • Demo went perfect this pass Sunday ! Thank you for having us @macys @kpthrive ! Till next time ! @souleyvegan 
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  • Getting these beauties ready for today’s demo @macys @kpthrive ! Come and check me out ! Swipe 👉🏾 for details 🤙🏽 #bayareavegans #fooddemo #veganaf #veganchef #vegansofig #oakland #sanfrancisco #veganrecipes #cometomomma ##tamearradyson #souleyvegan
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